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If you have ever noticed the clothes of each country, you will understand that each place and each culture has a different way of identifying. Although it is true that there are countries that are similar in fashion, they do not have other contraception. In this sense, dressing some countries may surprise you if you are not used to watching them regularly. For example, individual costumes that we can find in Scotland.

Scotland is a beautiful country, amazing; full of history and with some costumes that leave you indifferent. One aspect that most identifies this country, which most attracts attention, is how we do not care for many male residents. They have a traditional way of dressing with a traditional Scottish skirt, clothes that they are proud of because it is the most representative symbol of their culture.

Traditional Clothing of Scotland People - TwistyFaster

Kilts Origin

Kilt is known all over the world, and its print is special and is used in multimodes, because it is really beautiful. Colors combining red, black, white or brown look great (but can be combined with other colors). Kilt is also known traditionally under the name Camo Kilt.

I say that the origin of this skirt comes from the highlands or highlands of Scotland. The weather in this place changes very often and it is very torrential, and the use of the skirt in men in this place helps to rain under the wet. It was a practical way to get the clothes you needed because of the stain. We don’t know who invented it, but it became very popular among men who lived its use very standardized.

In addition, he became even more popular and famous for the numerous victories of Scottish food in the mountains, seeing this piece of clothing in men; he gradually began to obtain great fame.

What exactly kilt

The bottom of the Kilt is now a piece of half-five-meter-long material that was fastened around the man with a strap, and the rest of the material was collected so that there was no nuisance when walking or walking on the shoulder. That this piece of material placed on the shoulder does not fall to earth, it was fastened.

Over the course of time, some brooches would be used because it destroyed the mobility of men who used them a little, and was convinced that it was more practical to have a skirt only without passing a piece of fabric by the arm. This kilt or kilt skirt is usually made of woolen fabric and with very distinctive colorful patterns that were alternating with a grid pattern, i.e. the same pattern was always the same. This grid pattern is known to the Democrat.

Traditional Clothing of Scotland People - TwistyFaster

What is tartan

The lattice is used to identify the owner of the skirt. More colors and qualities of Scottish skirts show others that the owner who owns and uses it has a greater social position. This is a bit like the clothes you are used to, and clothing, when a person has very expensive clothing or a specific brand, which is known to be of good quality, shows how a person has a greater social position because he does not bother spending more money. Of course, this is so, because people of twenty degrees are beginning to understand that socialization always has to do with the clothes they wear.

In addition, the combination of colors of the kilt or Kilt skirt can be differentiated depending on the action performed by the man he is wearing. For example, a kilt of darker colors was used as a camouflage for hunting or a special camouflage. A plaid was also used by a pet or family from different areas to recognize members of his community and differentiate him from others. Let’s say that every family or community may have a different guard.

Carrier under the kilt

You may have ever heard that Scottish men in kilt-skirts under your clothes. In some ways this can be quite true, because there is a tradition that says that real scotch should wear under the kilt that is, you will not need underwear or anything like that. Although, of course, I suppose that in order to know the reader is today, it will be necessary to ask who was missing, doing underwear, and doing.

Other personal clothing from Scotland

In addition to Kilt, there are other distinctive and traditional costumes in Scotland that are worth mentioning. One of them is a leather hanger for people (usually men) and a vase for saffron. A hat is also preferred, and when it is cold, the scarf with the same Tartan wears in a Tactical kilt to go to the game. In this way, it is a way of honoring their ancestors, because they were first used and strategically used to live the same.

It is true that it is not uncommon to see people who dress in this way in the streets, but Scotland’s descendants will regularly do this, once celebrating an international event. Important events and events can be international holidays, weddings of loved ones, sports events etc.

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