Bean Seed Maggot

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Bean Seed Maggot – Articles or blog posts Current: NOVEMBER ten, 2016
Bean Seed Maggot
Hylemya florilega (Meigen)

The bean seed maggot plus the seedcorn maggot  sanforex24h.comare very important, injurious pests of bean fields through the condition. These maggots harm seeds and seedlings of beans, corn, peas and a variety of vegetable crops. Significant injuries and stand reduction takes place in early planted beans.

The adult fly is l/four inch extensive and resembles a property fly in shade, but is more compact and even more slender. The total developed maggot is white, l/four inch very long and lacks a visual head. The pupa is oval, reddish brown and 5/l6 inch extended.

Daily life Background
The lifetime cycle with the bean seed maggot has four phases – egg, larva (maggot), pupa and Grownup. It overwinters for a pupa in soil near to outdated roots wherever it designed. Adults arise within the spring as early beans are increasingly being planted. Girls lay eggs, which hatch in fewer than every week, in moist soil made up of decaying plant materials on which the younger maggots feed. If sprouting seeds are in the vicinity of, maggots are attracted to them. Maggots achieve total growth (pupae stage) in two to 3 weeks. Flies arise two to 3 weeks later to start out Yet another generation; you will discover three to four generations every year.

Maggots achieving the seed as sprouting starts feed among the cotyledons and problems the plant embryo. Seeds with weakened germs die or establish into deformed vegetation which give minimal yields.

Maggots that attack immediately after seeds sprout bore into the stem, typically causing the plant to wither and die. In early spring, if soil is soaked and cold during seed sprout, hurt is very serious.

The only real effective approach to stop bean seed maggot injury is to take care of seed with the insecticide. Verify The latest Industrial Vegetable Production Guidebook or consult with all your pesticide supplier or county agent for details of pesticide use.

Pesticides are toxic. Browse and observe directions and safety

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